Whether you are interested in solar for financial reasons or you care about the environment, the benefits to solar are pretty great.

Say goodbye to your energy bill

Solar allows you to fix in your energy cost for a long time – locking in thousands of dollars in savings that you would be paying to the utility. And with simple and accessible financing, getting rid of your electric bill is now within reach!

Say hello to your tax credits

The Federal Tax Credit covers 30% of the cost of your solar, which includes all materials, labor, permits, engineering, structure, and other home upgrades that are needed for solar. The State of Utah will also grant a 25% tax credit up to $2,000. For both tax credits, you have to have a tax liability that can be offset. If you don’t, no need to worry – you can carry forward the credit to future years for both the Federal and State tax credit. Thinking about solar for your business? There are even more tax advantages for commercial systems. Now is the time for solar!

Say goodbye to your grandpa’s energy policy

America might not own the sun, but with solar, we can own the portion of the sun that shines on our beautiful country. Depending on foreign energy resources can complicate so much. Solar power, as an energy resource is simple: It’s better for our environment, it is cheaper, and it’s better for America to produce what we use. Make the jump to solar and join the movement!

Say hello to your increased value

If beating the stock market in ROI isn’t enough for you, you’ll love what solar will do for your home value. Homes with solar systems installed sell twice as fast and at a premium of 3-4% over similar homes in the same neighborhood. And the data is getting better! As more homes sell with solar, the comparable data for appraisals will continue to increase. Take a look at some of the home value studies in our Learn section.
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