How does it work?

  1. Solar panels are installed on your home so they can start collecting energy from the sun.
  2. Micro converters take the energy collected by the panels and convert it into power your home can use.
  3. Energy efficient wires and cables transfer the power to the net meter. It will then spin backwards since you are buying and producing energy.
  4. The net meter measures the electricity usage as well as unused electricity and sends it back up to the grid.
  5. You’re now enjoying the solar energy your panels are producing with the help of your friend, the sun.

How do Echo solar electric systems work with the regular electric service system in my home?

An Echo solar electric system supplements and enhances the regular electrical system in your home, it does not replace it. Echo solar electric systems let you have all of the benefits of solar, and all of the benefits of regular utility service. If it is sunny outside and your system is generating electricity, you can use the electricity to power your home and appliances. If you don’t need the electricity, it is automatically sent back to the utility grid and your utility will typically credit you with the energy offset. When the system is not generating electricity (for example, at night or during very cloudy periods), you can power your home with electricity you purchase from your local utility company. That’s the beauty of Echo solar electric systems – their advanced technology works in cooperation with your existing electrical systems to save energy.

How do I know when my system is producing energy?

Every Echo solar electric system includes a web based user interface called EchoControl. You can check the energy production of your system by logging into EchoControl (internet service is not included with EchoControl but is required in order to access the site).

What happens to excess electricity- electricity I generate but don’t use in my home?

Most utilities allow customers to feed excess electricity into the utility grid for some form of credit, and many of them have net metering agreements, which reimburse customers for electricity fed back into the utility grid at the retail rate. Under net metering, the utility pays you at the same rate, as they would have charged you.

How much maintenance does the system require?

Echo solar electric systems have no moving parts and generally require very little maintenance. To optimize energy performance the solar panels should be cleaned once or twice a year, depending on local conditions. Please see your Owner’s Manual for specific cleaning instructions.

Do Echo solar electric systems perform differently on sunny vs. cloudy days?

Like all solar systems, Echo solar electric systems will make more energy when more sunlight hits the solar panels. On sunny days, your Echo solar electric system will generate more energy than on cloudy days.

How is an Echo solar electric system installed on my roof?

The stanchion mounted roofing option is installed over your existing roof. To install the Roof Integrated Array option, the roof’s shingles or tiles are removed and the roof is ‘stripped’ to the bare wood deck. Next a high quality underlayment is installed to protect the roof decking, and the mounting system is attached to the roof to hold the solar panels.

What roofing options are available?

When an Echo solar electric system is installed in an existing home, a traditional stanchion-mounted
system is typically used. A Roof Integrated Array is also typically available as an option.

Does my home need to meet any special requirements to accommodate an Echo solar electric system?

Like all solar systems, an Echo solar electric system requires sufficient roof space to mount the solar panels. The area where the solar array will be installed should not be shaded between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., and must be clear of any major obstructions, like chimneys or skylights. The roof should face towards the south, although east or west facing roofs are potentially acceptable. The roof pitch where the solar array will be installed must be at least a 3:12 pitch (14 degrees)

Do I need to have internet service for my system to work?

Your Echo solar electric system does not require an Internet connection in order to generate electricity. However, without an Internet connection, you will not be able to take advantage of several important benefits:
a) System performance monitoring and system performance alerts
a) Remote system diagnostics and repair capabilities
b) Easy access to key owner information and tools to program your thermostat(s) (if selected as an option).

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