Solaroo is comprised of career solar professionals, commercial & residential craftsman, engineers & architects, utility rate auditors, and energy brokers. With 30 years of solar experience, we have extensive experience and knowledge in these areas:

  • Solar installation – Our install crews are run by Mr. Utah Solar himself. Few in this state are certified, seasoned, and as well-travelled in solar as Randy Tolman is.
  • Residential & commercial construction – we don’t just slap on a solar system that works. We make sure it looks good, doesn’t conflict with anything else on your house, and not only fits with your roof, but enhances it.
  • Solar engineering – Our engineers and professionals can spec a solar array to specifically fit your needs. Grid tied, Off grid, battery backup, 1.21 jigawatts for your delorean… nothing we haven’t seen or done before.
  • Utility Rates – Nobody outside of Rocky Mountain Power knows their rates like we do – we have audited them since 1999. Understanding your rates will help you understand your system and your savings.
  • Energy – We have sold energy all across the United States. We know the trends, and the issues at hand. To make a long term investment, you need a partner with long term energy vision.

Why Solaroo?

At Solaroo Energy, we know just how important renewable energy is and just how expensive it use to be to own it. That is why we are dedicated to providing you with affordable solar solutions that you own. Solaroo sells manufacturers with panels and parts made in the USA. Our systems are tried, tested, and proven to last, and we back up our talk with 2 industry leading warranties.

We make it affordable

The cost of installing efficient, reliable, and maintenance free solar in Utah is much more affordable than in many states. In California, for instance, solar arrays sell for as much as twice what Solaroo offers our arrays for.  The cost of solar has decreased over the last few years, which means that coupled with rising electric rates, the time for Solar in Utah is NOW!

We provide options

With Solaroo, you have options. We offer different manufacturers with different price points mounting arrangements, and options. If you want a battery back-up system, we can do it. If you want a solar heating system for your pool, we can do it.