Save money and swim longer with Solaroo’s pool heating system.

Features & Benefits


Our warranty covers all components and labor and includes complete freeze protection.

Longer Swim Season

When you install a Solaroo pool heating system, your pool can be used longer which will make your family, and neighbors, happy.

Unique Design

The unique design eliminates wind load which also enable the roof to “breathe” which prevents moisture from being trapped under the collector. Since each tube is able to expand and contract independently, cracks and leaks due to wear and tear of thermal expansion and contraction are eliminated.

Solaroo pool heating installations

How does it work?

Basically, solar pool heating just amplifies the laws of nature: the heat from the sun will heat the water in your pool. To an extent though. Solar pool heating also requires a few more bells and whistles. Solaroo’s solar pool heating systems have three basic components: a panel, a pump and a filter. A pump, usually your existing pool pump, pushes water through a filter to strain leaves and debris. Water is then pumped into a solar panel mounted on your roof, porch, fence, or any other location with good sun exposure. The water is substantially heated as it moves through the panel and it flows back into your pool, warming the water. Unlike solar water heaters for indoor use, solar pool heaters do not require a storage tank. Your pool provides all the storage required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this save me money?

Yes! Just like typical solar panel systems, the Solaroo pool heating system will save you money using clean energy from the sun. Call us today to get a free estimate and see how much you can save this summer! 801-826-4888.

Do I need to purchase a new pump?

No-we can use your existing pool pump.

Is there any maintenance that I have to worry about?

No maintenance is required for Solaroo’s pool heating systems. With the hard plastic pieces, there is no rusting, deteriorating or leaking.

How much longer can I use my pool?

With solar pool heating, and a pool cover, you can double the months your pool can be used. Without a cover, your pool can be open from about March to November.

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