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Benefits of Battery Back Up

  • Seamless transfer from grid to battery storage when grid is down
  • Couple with solar for renewable energy independence
  • Run just the essentials or your entire
    house in case of emergency
  • Self-consume solar generation to
    maximize savings (limit what you
    export to the grid)
  • Can qualify for 30% Federal Tax Credit
    (if coupled with solar)
  • Qualifies for Solaroo Financing
    (if coupled with solar)

Batteries… What Should I Know?

Are they safe?

Solaroo only offers battery products from manufacturers that meet global safety standards.  Most Lithium Ion technology has been tested and used in cars for years.  These batteries are safe for home use.

How long will my battery power my house?

How long your battery will store electricity will depend on what you use, and how long you use it.  Some loads, such as an air conditioner, dryer, space heater, are very heavy loads and are expensive to backup.  Use our energy calculator to help you estimate.  A good emergency plan of conserving energy will help your battery last as long as possible.  The USABLE ENERGY rating in kilowatt hours is how much energy your battery will store that is available to use in your home.

How many items can I have running at once?

Every battery will have a MAX POWER rating, and that is the maximum watts you can have running at one time.

How many years will my battery last?

The life of your battery will depend on how much it is used, the temperature in which the battery is stored, and other factors.  Each battery will have an estimated life in cycles, which estimates how many full discharges it will be able to produce.  Batteries will have a warranty in years that is provided by the battery manufacturer.

Where can I install a battery?

There are some recommendations as to how close to your solar inverter the battery has to be to meet code.  The biggest consideration will be temperature.  Batteries are manufactured for both outdoor and indoor use, however, the more moderate the temperature surrounding your battery, the longer life you should expect.

Will my current inverter support a battery?

Only certain inverters will support battery backup.  Please call the office to see if yours will work.

Will my battery help me save money?

On Rocky Mountain Power’s new net metering program, which started November 16th, 2017, you are incentivized to consume as much of your solar power you produce as possible.  Having a storage solution will not only be there for backup power, but will help you save money by maximizing the value of the solar energy you produce.