Auric Energy Referral App

For years, most of our business has come from satisfied customers who proudly spread the word to family and friends about their solar project. We have been thankful for of our customers and the loyalty that has been shown to us.
We would like to announce the relaunch of the Auric Advocator App and Referral Program. It has never been easier than ever to refer your friends and family to make the jump to solar – and easier to get paid for your efforts!

See below for the 8 simple steps you need to download our app and start earning money for your referrals!

1:  Download the Advocator App from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

2:  Create an Account on the sign in page, choose your sales rep if you have one then enter all of your information. The Auric company code is 1012.

3:  To add a referral click on the +Add Referral Button. Choose from Solar PV or the Kailo Battery, then click next.

4:  Enter the details of your referral, entering as much detail as possible, then click on Submit.

5:  Once an appointment has been made you will see a grey circle with unverified on your app screen. Once the appointment is confirmed you will then see a blue circle along with a reward earned of $10.

6:  If your referral appointment turns into a solid sale, you will then receive another $200. The circle on your app with then turn green and you will see a total reward of $210.

7:  You can choose to withdraw your funds by either linking your bank account, paypal or a prepaid virtual debit card.

8:  Spread the word and get more money for more adding more referrals. Leave us a review on Google or SolarReviews straight from the app.